Photographing The Magic In Childhood in San Diego, CA

tanya velázquez

We're Tanya & Katy

We're here to take silly (and a little emotional) family photos of you and your family.


We believe in big laughs, lots of ice cream, and even more color. We've been photographing families for 7 whole years!


We know how to get fussy kids just laughing their booties off! It's bascially our superpower.


Family Photos In...


Say Hello

We want to hear all about your family and what makes you all tick. Tell us what stage your kids are in. Don't worry, they all make for the great photos. Especially the "NO!" stage.


Show up looking the cutest

Dress to impress. Wear what makes you and the family feel amazing, but also completely comfortable.


Show off those Photos

Prints are awesome! All of our packages include an online gallery to help you share photos with your loved ones.

Nice things our clients say...

We can't believe the amazing photos we got! Jackson was so cranky, and somehow

you managed to get his full personality! Thank you!!

- The Hawthorne Family


Pricing starts at $600 for 30 high- res photos.

Click below to see our pricing information page and a quick explanation of how we work!

Your babies grow older every day. Let us help you remember them as you see them right now.